If we look around us we will find so many computers that are capable of doing so many things. More than humans, there are computers all around us. If we observe carefully we will find that even the minute tasks are performed by the use of computer technology. The 3-D action movies, the graphics, the attractive websites when going for online shopping, these are all designed with the use of certain computer programming languages. By programming languages we mean a set of instructions that control the actions of a computer. It tells the computer what to do? How to do and when to do? Otherwise, the computer is not smart enough to perform the diverse functions and actions that we see.

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Basically, computer was invented for the purpose of solving mathematical calculations (as if human brains are not smart enough for number crunching!) in a more complex format. But then to make it more usable, softwares began to be designed so that it became capable of performing diverse activities. Then came a host of programming and mark up languages – PHP, Asp.Net, HTML, C,C++,C#, Java, Ruby, Python etc. Amongst these whole list of programming languages PHP is the most easy to learn language at the same time powerful. PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor or Personal Home Page tool was first developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf who wrote a series of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) in C. This is why PHP resembles a lot of C.

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Sounds complicated? Not at all! At least if you have a professional backup. Spending huge sums of money on expensive PHP books and time in front of your computers will not provide adequate guidance to gain knowledge on the subject. Especially for candidates and students who are totally blank on the subject itself. Moreover, if one is a resident of Kolkata then finding a center for PHP training in Kolkata will be all the more lot easier. Well if there are good schools, colleges and hospitals then why can’t students and candidates have a PHP training institute in Kolkata or in that case any other software training centers. All one needs is keep eyes and ears open and make use of the Internet.

As a first step, candidates can go to Ejob India’s website for (http://www.ejobindia.com/php-courses-in-kolkata.php or http://www.ejobindia.com/php-training-in-kolkata.php ) gathering knowledge on the course, the schedules, fees and other necessary details. The most important advantage for learning PHP is that no prior proficiency in any software language is required and being a cross plat-formed language there are so many things that can be done with PHP.