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Things To Look For While Choosing A Best Web Design Training Institute

When we talk about web design training we should know actually what the web design is. Basically, there are two factors of any website. Front end and back end. Front end is the interface through which we interact and back end is the part in which the website is present in the coded from and is only understood by the computer.

The front end through which we can interact is considered as the design for web pages. A web design can included with more than two. It depends on the requirements. And these web pages are designed in the HTML, XML and CSS languages. These were used in the earlier days when the websites were made on smaller scales.

Why To Choose A Professional Web Designing Training Institute In Kolkata?


If you are willing to take professional Web Design Course in Kolkata, then make sure to choose the best institute that helps you to offer best training program. While choosing the web design training course, you should look why you want to do this.

Now one of the reasons could be that you want to design your own simple website. For that you can have very specific training which will make you capable enough to handle your website without getting in to the depths of the web designing.

If you are looking at course from the career building point of view then you need to carefully select the course and training institute. However, you need to decide for what reasons you want to take training program.

Initially, you might think of just learning the basics of the web designing and would want to learn the fundamental points. So choose your course accordingly by carefully looking at the curriculum.

Moreover, there are different Web Designing Training Institutes in Kolkata that provide the best training program according to your requirements. Before choosing any institute make sure to check it charges and the course programs they are offering.


How Worth It is to Join a PHP Institute in Kolkata?

PHP training is a process used to inform, educate and improve the knowledge and skills of a trainee in order to perform certain activity or to learn a new language for web development. Hence, PHP training places a great value on sharing information and experience.


Kolkata, being the one of most important hubs of IT industries in India, is producing thousands of students each year who are trained in PHP. However, the surveys show that only a 4-5% of the total students are employable. Here the PHP institutes in Kolkata pitch in to fill the gap. There are so many PHP training institutes in Kolkata, but if you consider joining any so called good training institutes that only make money on students without providing them with proper training, all your money will go in vein.


You should join a training center that provides with required skills and makes a trainee industry ready. Since the PHP web development skills are becoming the most important part of web businesses and technical jobs, PHP training business is flourishing. Joining these institutes could be a better move since they can serve as a fulfillment of all internal requirements of corporate jobs.


Keeping with the excellence of various specialties in the web industry, PHP Kolkata training institutes are tending to offer comprehensive training solutions in PHP web development, MySQL for individuals and organizations. Some of the training institutes also have moved a step forward by partnering with reputed IT firms to offer specialized training.

Furthermore, they even offer job placements in those reputed IT firms after the successful completion of PHP training. The chief reason for this that the tie-ups with reputed IT companies help PHP training institutes provided other value added services including placements and certifications. Joining and learning PHP at these training institutes is a good decision for students who are looking for a better career.

The PHP training center in Kolkata that is located at the heart of the city


PHP is one of the major computer languages right after C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python etc. It is not always an easy task to find the correct training institute that will give the proper software training. It’s always a challenge that every fresher goes through when just out of the college with a degree and lost in the jungle of competition. The job market is now predominantly taken over by the IT sector and they are keener on hiring employees who already sound in the software languages. In this way, they save the expense of building a new technical department and make use of the resources available with them.


It is usually of a Herculean task for students to find the best PHP institute in Kolkata so that students can feel that their money is well spent. But before joining such training centers one must justify the reason of pursuing PHP. Among the computer languages the most important are – C, C++, C #, Java Script, PHP, Python and Ruby. It is essential that in a hot pursuit of a job involving computer software skills one must have the proficiency in any one language to make a stronger base. A programming language is designed to communicate the instructions which are given to the computer. They want to save the expenses by utilizing the available resources within the organization. In this way, it can concentrate on other ventures. Apart from being a PHP training center in Kolkata such a center also provides other trainings on software.


Such software training centers also conduct Android courses as well. It is an Open Source model with propriety components in most of the devices. The latest version of Android is 4.4.4 Kit Kat I. Androids come in 32-bit ARM, MIPS, x86 and x86-64 platforms and is monolithic which is a modified Unix kernel. An Android mobile phone device has a much larger user interface compared to other touch phone interfaces with high end software and advanced features.

How helpful is Web designing?

Web designing is used to creating, designing and hosting of websites which is used for SEO and SMM. It is the basic and one and only language to create a website in HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and there are some types in websites. There are two types of websites – Static website and Dynamic website. The Static website consists of HTML, Java Script, jQuery which are mainly client side scripting languages. The Dynamic websites are comprised of PHP, Ap.Net etc which is a server side scripting language. Whenever there is a need for creating website, people should know how to design a website. The CSS is used to design websites. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. In designing a website, web developers usually adds effects and styling.

The website designing training center in Kolkata teaches the students how Java Script and jQuery are used to add affects in HTML page. The Java Script and jQuery are used in both creating and designing parts. The jQuery is the advanced and upgraded version of Java Script. If a script is written in 10 lines in Java Script then it’s done in jQuery in just 2 or 3 lines. The Web hosting is nothing but putting all the website data into web i.e. in NET, then the user is able to see the website in the Internet.

The course conducted under web designing training center in Kolkata guides how to add, remove, edit and backup website data. The term web development is a complex word. It represents some web services.

Some basic ideas on Web designing

Web designing, from the technical aspect means building a website which involves planning of course, as to how to design or build a website. Web designing comprises of three important components – the web developer, the client for whom the websites are going to be designed and the end user for whom the client is giving the web developer the task of designing the website. Planning involves several questions before actually designing a website of a certain kind.

  • What are the website’s aims?
  • What is the customer base like?
  • What does the developer or the client expects the end users to do when they visit the website?
  • Who are the other contenders who could possibly be the potential threat to the company’s or the website’s success?

Web Designing is divided into two parts – Front end and back end. The front end is known as web designing whereas the back end it is referred to as web programming. The front Enders use HTML, CSS and JavaScript and PHP for back end. There are many more languages that branch out and are necessary when designing websites. In web designing, HTML forms the base where the codes are composed. Next is CSS which instructs which one to make blue or red or flashy. PHP forms the backbone actually.

These are taught in a website designing training center in Kolkata to students who want to establish their career in this field. The whole subject is very easy and it takes a little knowledge of HTML to grasp the essence of the topic. Web designing can be fun and very interesting as the developers can design the website their way at the same time keeping in mind what the client and end users desire. It can be very difficult to find a web designing training center in Kolkata if one knows nothing about the institution. One needs to be very careful as to what qualities a training center should have to qualify that criterion.

Here are some basic tips on PHP before jumping to the course.

If we look around us we will find so many computers that are capable of doing so many things. More than humans, there are computers all around us. If we observe carefully we will find that even the minute tasks are performed by the use of computer technology. The 3-D action movies, the graphics, the attractive websites when going for online shopping, these are all designed with the use of certain computer programming languages. By programming languages we mean a set of instructions that control the actions of a computer. It tells the computer what to do? How to do and when to do? Otherwise, the computer is not smart enough to perform the diverse functions and actions that we see.

php (1)

Basically, computer was invented for the purpose of solving mathematical calculations (as if human brains are not smart enough for number crunching!) in a more complex format. But then to make it more usable, softwares began to be designed so that it became capable of performing diverse activities. Then came a host of programming and mark up languages – PHP, Asp.Net, HTML, C,C++,C#, Java, Ruby, Python etc. Amongst these whole list of programming languages PHP is the most easy to learn language at the same time powerful. PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor or Personal Home Page tool was first developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf who wrote a series of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) in C. This is why PHP resembles a lot of C.

ejobindia 2

Sounds complicated? Not at all! At least if you have a professional backup. Spending huge sums of money on expensive PHP books and time in front of your computers will not provide adequate guidance to gain knowledge on the subject. Especially for candidates and students who are totally blank on the subject itself. Moreover, if one is a resident of Kolkata then finding a center for PHP training in Kolkata will be all the more lot easier. Well if there are good schools, colleges and hospitals then why can’t students and candidates have a PHP training institute in Kolkata or in that case any other software training centers. All one needs is keep eyes and ears open and make use of the Internet.

As a first step, candidates can go to Ejob India’s website for (http://www.ejobindia.com/php-courses-in-kolkata.php or http://www.ejobindia.com/php-training-in-kolkata.php ) gathering knowledge on the course, the schedules, fees and other necessary details. The most important advantage for learning PHP is that no prior proficiency in any software language is required and being a cross plat-formed language there are so many things that can be done with PHP.

A name in PHP training which can be trusted completely

2Ejob India, a PHP Kolkata training institute that can be trusted with closed eyes for top class PHP training. The one and only PHP Kolkata training institute where the classes are conducted by faculties who are experts in this field and an institute where the classes are arranged as per the convenience of the students. To know a little about PHP, it is scripting language, a programming language which is written in and also similar to C. Since it is a programming language and a scripting language, you can get the best of both worlds. A lot of things can be done with PHP. It is a scripting language so there is no need to compile, one needs to only input the codes in HTML script and the rest is done.

Ejob India, a PHP Kolkata training institute that can be trusted with closed eyes for top class PHP training. In this PHP Kolkata training institute, the classes are conducted under Regular and Normal Schedules. The schedule is created for candidates who want to complete the course quickly and get a job. It is held for 114 hrs with regular practice sessions. Here every batch will be able to work in a dedicated lab with a single system allocated to individual student. The training will take place for every 4-5 days a week. Classes under normal schedules are designed for students and professionals who will not be able to devote their time in the classes. This schedule conducts classes as per the convenience of the students. This schedule provides 3 hrs of class everyday or on every alternate day as per the students’ choice. Ejob India is the well known PHP Kolkata training institute that assures 100% placement with some of the best companies in the IT industry. Candidates will be scheduled for interviews unless they finally crack and bag a job. A candidate will be placed for innumerable rounds of interviews.